If you want the subtitles to always be visible, select Subtitles &amp.amp. OSD from the Tools menu, then click on Preferences. Next to Preferred subtitles language on the Subtitles Language tab, type the name of the language you want to be the default.

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How do you get subtitles on YouTube videos?

Add subtitles and captions

  1. Open YouTube Studio and log in.
  2. Choose Subtitles from the menu on the left.
  3. Select the video you want to edit by clicking it.
  4. Select your language by clicking ADD LANGUAGE.
  5. Go to subtitles and select ADD.

Why are captions unavailable on my YouTube video?

Heres how to change the playback speed on a web browser: Move your cursor over the video playback screen if the message YouTube automatic captions not available appears when you play the video at high speed.
Which video player has automatic subtitles?
With the help of the free and open-source VLC Media Player, users can quickly and easily add captions and subtitles to videos and movies.

A plain-text file called an SRT file, also called a SubRip Subtitle file, contains crucial data for subtitles, such as the start and end timecodes of your text to make sure that your subtitles match your audio and the sequential number of subtitles.
How do I turn off auto caption on Facebook?
You can disable captions by clicking the drop-down menu next to Always Show Captions on the Video Settings page of the Settings page and selecting Off. Facebook will save your settings when you do this, and your captions will no longer be displayed.

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