Using the Add/Remove Program feature in the Windows Control Panel, you can remove ASUS VivoBook from your computer.

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Can I Uninstall ASUS device activation?

You can download the Treesize tool to determine which apps or files are occupying the majority of your storage space, and you can uninstall it if you wish.

How do I fix my slow ASUS laptop?

4. What should I do if my laptop is running slow?

  1. Delete malware or viruses.
  2. Improve the startup programs on the laptop.
  3. Increase C drive size or purge disk space.
  4. tidy up a soiled fan or heat sink.
  5. Fix system bugs with Windows.
  6. To solve the hard drive failure issue, switch to SSD.
  7. If memory is an issue, add more RAM.

Can I Uninstall WinFlash?
By using the Add/Remove Program feature in the Windows Control Panel, you can remove WinFlash from your computer. To do this, find WinFlash, click it, and then choose one of the following options: Windows Vista/7/8/10: Click Uninstall.

Go to Control Panel & Uninstall a program in Windows 10/8/7, then select Uninstall from the context menu when you right-click ASUS Live Update.
Can I Uninstall ATK package?
If the package is present, the installer will give you the option to uninstall it or repair it. choose Uninstall, and the older ATK driver will be cleaned up before being upgraded to a newer version or the package is completely uninstalled.
Can I delete WPS Office for ASUS?
Using the Add/Remove Program function in the Windows Control Panel, you can remove WPS Office for ASUS from your computer.
How do I get rid of ASUS update check service?

  1. Press &quot.WinKey+R&quot. to open the &quot.Run&quot..
  2. Type &quot.msconfig&quot., Then click OK.
  3. Go to &quot.startup&quot. tab.
  4. Activate task manager.
  5. Disable the &quot.ASUS Live Update Application&quot. and restart the Windows. Related Topics.

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