You can download the Treesize tool to determine which apps or files are occupying the majority of your storage space, and you can uninstall it if you wish.

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Can I uninstall aura service?

To uninstall the Aura Creator app, go to Apps and search for it there. 3. Click the Windows button on your desktop.

Can I uninstall Armoury crate Reddit?

Open the Task Manager, end the .ArmoryCrate and .ASUS ROG tasks, then navigate to C:/Programs and C:/Programs (x86), find the .ASUS folder, and delete it.
How do you open the armory crate?
If you are a new user of a ROG, ROG Strix, TUF Gaming or Prime motherboard and using Windows 10 (Creators Update/1709 or later), you will see a pop-up dialog inviting you to install Armoury Crate during the initial boot of your PC. To find Armoury Crate, simply click the.Start. button.

Here.s how to learn more:

  1. Select Start &gt. Settings &gt. System &gt. About . Open About settings.
  2. Under Device specifications &gt. System type, see if running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows.
  3. Look up the edition and version of Windows that your device is running under Windows specifications.

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