LibreOffice is Free and Open Source Software. Development is open to new talent and new ideas, and our software is tested and used daily by a large and devoted user community.
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Is LibreOffice totally free?LibreOffice will run on your Windows operating system and will open, edit, and create Microsoft data files including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations. It has been around in one form or another for years and is totally free to download.

Is LibreOffice virus free?

Yes, it is pretty safe. And it is also a safe bet if you need to open older Word documents the current version of Word can't read.

Which is better Google Docs or LibreOffice?

If you just want to write a whole bunch, then Google Docs is better. However, large documents (say, anything over 50-60 pages) take a long time to load on Google Docs, even on fast connections. LibreOffice performs much better, assuming your processor is up to scratch.

Is LibreOffice completely free?

LibreOffice is a free and powerful office suite, and a successor to (commonly known as OpenOffice). Its clean interface and feature-rich tools help you unleash your creativity and enhance your productivity.

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How much does LibreOffice cost?

freeLibreOffice is free and open source software, originally based on (commonly known as OpenOffice), and is the most actively developed successor project.

Is LibreOffice free for Windows 10?

LibreOffice is available for free on Windows 10, Mac, and Linux through Libre Office's website.

Is LibreOffice fully compatible with Microsoft Office?

LibreOffice is capable of saving documents in various formats compatible with other office suites such as Microsoft Office,, IBM Lotus Symphony, and StarOffice. Some formatting and features are not fully supported between LibreOffice and other application suites.

Does LibreOffice have virus?

If your virus checker is flagging a LibreOffice download as containing a virus, this is almost certainly a false positive. Please check with another anti-virus vendor, and/or file a bug report with them before bothering the security list. Also please consider purchasing a more accurate virus checker.

Is LibreOffice safe is free?

LibreOffice is free because the community around it cares about open standards and breaking down digital divides – creating a world where everyone has access to powerful, open source tools.

Is Google Docs compatible with LibreOffice?

Connect LibreOffice with your Google Docs account by using OOo2gd. If you use LibreOffice and Google Docs, you can merge the two by using the OOo2gd extension. You can also use OOo2gd to import/export to Zoho and export with WebDAV.

Does LibreOffice work Google Drive?

With version 5.1, LibreOffice has given Windows and Mac users and Mac users the ability to access their documents stored on Google Drive directly from one of the suite's applications.

Is LibreOffice as good as Microsoft Office?

They're both XML-based document formats. Microsoft Word can read LibreOffice ODT file formats, but its accuracy isn't great. LibreOffice Writer can save and read Microsoft's DOCX and formats—and does a better job than Word does with ODT files—but differences may creep in with complicated documents.

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